works to protect people, pets, and the planet


We work to alleviate and address the root causes of world hunger and food insecurity; to detect and treat breast cancer and other health concerns, particularly in women; prevent and treat childhood illness; and promote children’s literacy and education in the United States and around the world.
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We support thousands of shelters and rescue groups all over the world through the various programs aimed at improving the lives of homeless pets as well as the lives of shelter workers and volunteers. We work with creative solutions to increase adoption and the retention of pets in their homes.
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Whether purchasing land to protect endangered animal species, studying habitat for conservation and restoration purposes, or planting trees in deforested areas to offset carbon emissions, is on the front lines protecting our planet, its inhabitants, and its natural resources.
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Our Work


Over $250,000 Worth of New Books Donated to PHILADELPHIA READS

On February 20, 2015, GreaterGood partnered with Capstone Community Fund to contribute over $250,000 worth of new books to PHILADELPHIA READS! The 15 pallets of books that were donated will help sustain the organizations Book Bank, which is used by educators across the Philadelphia region. The event was held at a local elementary school and […] Read More →

Help fund Animal Shelter workshop to end animal cruelty in Puerto Rico

Improve the Image of Animal Adoption in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, the public perception of having a pet is incredibly low, with only about 10% of the people considering a dog or cat as part of the family. This mindset has caused adoption rates to plummet, at less than 45% for dogs and less than 30% for cats. Plus there are thousands of stray animals […] Read More →

Nothing But Net Sports Inc (NBN) - fund a new court for this beneficial after school program center

A Gymnasium Floor for At-risk Youth

Nothing But Net Sports Inc. (NBN) is an organization that works with at-risk and underprivileged youth to help them develop the skills that are needed to make positive life choices and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They offer sports programs, free tutoring, mentorships, and a variety of other after-school activities. Programs like this are absolutely critical for America’s […] Read More →

Help Provide Kitchen Gardens in Kenya

Kitchen Gardens in Kenya

Proper nutrition is vital for all people, and the households affected by HIV/AIDS in Kenya are particularly vulnerable. That is why GreaterGood has partnered with Grassroots Alliance for Community Education (G.R.A.C.E) to provide the materials needed to start kitchen gardens for these households. Recently over $1600 was donated, which has allowed for the purchase of vegetable seedlings, […] Read More →

Help women in Sierra Leone detect breast cancer early

“Thank You” from a Young Breast Cancer Patient

In Sierra Leone, breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women. With only 1 mammogram machine in the entire country, the cost for preventative screening is almost equivalent to the yearly salary for most households. Read More →