works to protect people, pets, and the planet


We work to alleviate and address the root causes of world hunger and food insecurity; to detect and treat breast cancer and other health concerns, particularly in women; prevent and treat childhood illness; and promote children’s literacy and education in the United States and around the world.
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We support thousands of shelters and rescue groups all over the world through the various programs aimed at improving the lives of homeless pets as well as the lives of shelter workers and volunteers. We work with creative solutions to increase adoption and the retention of pets in their homes.
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Whether purchasing land to protect endangered animal species, studying habitat for conservation and restoration purposes, or planting trees in deforested areas to offset carbon emissions, is on the front lines protecting our planet, its inhabitants, and its natural resources.
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Our Work

Smiling dog, fed with Rescue Bank donated food Welcomes Rescue Bank!

After successfully collaborating to deliver more than 80 million meals of donated pet food to animal rescues across America since 2011, GreaterGood and our partners at Rescue Bank have formally merged. Read More →

Garancha, age 5

Educate a Girl, Change the World’s GROW program is dedicated to helping girls around the world reach their full potential. We have identified and are currently raising scholarship funds for young women we know we can help, but we need your help, too. Read More →

Photo Credit: Spc. Matthew Sissel/Spc. Samantha Ciaramitaro

Oso: Six Months After a Tragedy, Community Rebuilds

With your help, we raised more than $5,000 in support for the Red Cross during their relief efforts in the wake of the tragic Oso mudslide in Darrington, Washington last spring. Read More →


Animals Stranded by Hurricane Odile Are Counting on Us

GreaterGood's partners at Los Cabos Humane Society are working to get the thousands of stranded animals the care and food they need. Click here to lend your support today. Read More →


Hurricane Odile Has Devastated Baja, Mexico: Here’s How to Help

Upon making landfall, Odile flooded towns and villages, leveled homes and businesses, and displaced or injured thousands of residents. We've partnered with established relief organization Aeromedicos to get much needed supplies to the populations in fishing villages and rural areas. Get involved. Read More →