works to protect people, pets, and the planet


We work to alleviate and address the root causes of world hunger and food insecurity; to detect and treat breast cancer and other health concerns, particularly in women; prevent and treat childhood illness; and promote children’s literacy and education in the United States and around the world.
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We support thousands of shelters and rescue groups all over the world through the various programs aimed at improving the lives of homeless pets as well as the lives of shelter workers and volunteers. We work with creative solutions to increase adoption and the retention of pets in their homes.
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Whether purchasing land to protect endangered animal species, studying habitat for conservation and restoration purposes, or planting trees in deforested areas to offset carbon emissions, is on the front lines protecting our planet, its inhabitants, and its natural resources.
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Our Work

Toys are distributed on the Tohono O'odham Reservation thanks to a grant from

Toy Donation Cheers Children on the Reservation and International Playthings teamed up to give toys to children in one of the poorest counties in the US this holiday season. Read More →


With Your Help, We’re Building a Water Well For the Bat World Sanctuary

We did it! Thanks to our generous and responsive donors, Bat World Sanctuary has some thrilling news to report. Read More →


The 7 Healthy Resolutions For Your Pet (plus 3 ways to help animals with special needs in 2015)

New Year's resolutions aren't just for humans; our furry friends can benefit from a fresh and healthy outlook this year! Read More →


Your Last Chance to Give in 2014 is NOW

It's time to bid adieu to 2014, which means time is running out to make your year-end donation to the cause that matters most to you and claim that tax deduction you've earned. Read More →


There’s Still Time to Help Animals Now and Claim Your 2014 Tax Deduction!

We want to celebrate giving $35 million to charity by closing 2014 by raising as much as we can to save animals. Time is running out. Don't miss out on being a part of this special moment. Read More →