Our Programs: Pets


A Ride to Rescue

Aiding in the transport of rescued animals year-round. Read More →


A Shot at Life

With help from our partners, our goal is to vaccinate 2 million pets in 2 years! Read More →


Cats R Cool

Improving the lives shelter cats through awareness, education and adoption. 100% MEOW. Read More →


Gifts That Give More™

Gifts That Give More™ purchases benefit a wide range of charities doing important work the whole world over. Read More →

Help Animals Now

Help Animals Now

Around the globe, animals face life-threatening challenges every day. In addition to anxiety and depression and fear, many animals are at grave risk of hunger, disease, parasites, and sadly, death. GreaterGood.org believes in alleviating the suffering of all animals. You can help. Read More →


One Picture Saves a Life

Improving the overall image of rescue and adoption through grooming and positive photography. Our mission is to provide shelter staff and volunteers with the resources to successfully groom and photograph shelter pets, helping give them the second chance they deserve. Read More →

Rescue Bank - Will Give Wet Kisses For Food!

Rescue Bank

Pet food suppliers sometimes have food that they can't sell; perhaps they made too much, or the bag has the wrong color of label, or the kibble is the wrong color. Many manufacturers donate this unsellable food to Rescue Bank, who puts it in the hands of shelters in need. Read More →


Rescue Rebuild

Improving the quality of life for shelter pets and shelter staff by executing large scale shelter renovations all over the country. Read More →